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Chiang Mai: Enjoy Your Tranquility in Thailand

“The former seat of the Lanna kingdom is a blissfully calm and laid-back place to relax and recharge your batteries. Participate in a vast array of activities, or just stroll around the backstreets, and discover a city that is still firmly Thai in its atmosphere and attitude.”

–Lonely Planet

Every family has its own routine, and mine is traveling with parents each year at home or abroad. We visited Chiang Mai as part of our family adventure in 2019, which was unforgettable and memorable.

Chiang Mai, the largest city in northern Thailand and the third-largest city in the nation after metropolitan Bangkok and Nakhon Ratchasima, is also referred to as “Rose of the North”.

It is more like, in my mind, a historical and cultural hub rather than a political and economic center. And Chiang Mai is a fairly pleasant city to visit in comparison to some of the other cities in Thailand. It is said that “A visit to Thailand is arguably not complete until you have ventured to this historic city.”

Once the capital of the 13th-century northern Thai Lanna Kingdom, Chiang Mai was originally a walled city, known for its markets and monasteries. Even now, you can still see the ancient city wall and historical remains while walking in the street. Although many historic cities in Thiland once had walls and motes, Chiang Mai is almost the only town where old walls and gates remain an integral part of the urban fabric. And another fact is Chiang Mai’s City Center is surrounded by a walled moat, which is also called the Old City, which is well worth visiting.

Things To Do & See In Chiang Mai

1. Temple Hopping Around The Old City

As a Buddhist country, temples all over Thailand are the most important local landscapes. And there are over 200 temples in and around Chiang Mai. Therefore, if you are looking for a serene spot away from the city’s bustle, these temples may provide you with a tranquil and pleasant respite.

The three oldest Chiang Mai are all worth visiting to get your ultimate temple fix:

  • Wat Chedi Luang 
  • Wat Phra Singh  
  • Wat Chiang Man

2.Eat Thai Food At One Of The Many Night Markets

As a foodie, this is perhaps my favourite part of visiting a new and unexplored city or place. Fortunately, you can find myraids of Food Markets in the Chiang Mai old town, despite some of them being quite touristy and often crowded. It’s a good opportunity to savor some traditional and unique local cuisines that you may have never encountered before.

Try Pad Thai, Tom Yam, the northern- style Thai salad, fresh spring rolls, chicken skewers with peanut or spicy papaya salad and don’t miss out on my beloved mango sticky rice!

3. Take a Stroll in Chiang Mai University

Personally, it’s an unexpected journey that I had no idea I’d enjoy as much as I did. Because visitors are normally expected to follow a set path while visiting Chiang Mai Campus, but the uber cab driver mistaken me for an international student. Thus my parents and I didn’t follow the regular tour as other tourists, which provided us extra time to meander through this lovely university. Just a tip: if you do not want to follow that set route, you may take an uber directly to school rather than congregating in front of the university gate.

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