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Namibia: A Wild Journey

Ever since I’d heard of Namibia, I’ve dreamed of going. The whole point of this Africa journey is to see wild animals, with everything else being a bonus, I mean, stunning views or unexpected friendship and etc.

I remember I was there in July 2019. Winter has arrived in the southern hemisphere while the daytime temperature remains high. This is exactly as I envisioned Africa: scorching and primitive.

I’m fortunate to have seen some awesome places, but none have made me feel so awestruck as this. From vast desert landscapes to the wild Skeleton Coast and the Harnas wildlife foundation, no feature falls short of spectacular. So, I’m not sure why people didn’t venture there until very recently.

Windhoek (The Capital of Namibia)

As an international volunteer who lived in Namibia for nearly a month, I’m proud to say that Namibia is a destination worth visiting.

The experience of becoming one of the members of Harnas Wildlife Foundation was unforgettable. Harnas is one of the few wildlife orphanages and medical centers in the world to take in abused, injured, and captured wild animals from Namibia, Botswana, and southern African nations, saving hundreds of animals per year. 

When I was in Harnas, the most fascinating parts for me were preparing animal food and feeding hundreds of wild animals. Volunteers need to arrange different meals for different animals, which is time-consuming but rewarding.

Baboon Walk

Cheetah, leopard, baboon, mongoose, zebra, springbok, lion, ostrich… I encountered a variety of wild animals here and even picked up some “useless” facts, such as the distinction between cheetah and leopard, which I had never noticed before.

Lion Trip

“I recognized its social value. I saw its ordered happiness, but a fever in my blood asked for a wilder course.”

–The Moon and Sixpence

The memories about this journey are cherished. Just like what Maugham said, “In my heart was a desire to live more dangerously. ” I yearn for a different life and also a different version of myself.

A couple that I met

8 responses to “Namibia: A Wild Journey”

  1. This is magnificent, Ann! I wish to see more pictures of Namibia’s wildlife. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Nadia, I will definitely post more pictures!


  2. This sounds like quite the experience.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thx Omar! I hope you enjoy reading it!


  3. This does indeed look like an awesome place – great photos – though I could only get to the post from the index top right on the homescreen -= not from your photos – great post though


    1. I’ll try to fix that problem as soon as I can and I’m still learning WordPress. Hope I can make a better design of the post!


  4. OMG i reallllllyyyyy wanna gooooooooooooooo
    Love reading your traveling articles!!


    1. Thanks Vivi! I’m overjoyed that you enjoy it!


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